Unused office (2012) 

Soundproof Studio (2013)

My job is pretty cool. I create most of my work in a soundproof studio that I built and equipped.

Product photography for the FreedomWorks store

Product photography for the FreedomWorks store

Having a studio gives me a lot of freedom to be creative.

Click here to see the staff page

Click here to see the staff page

I took profile photos for my company's entire staff


Check out this 30 second call-to-action TV spot

I manage equipment and keep track of the inventory.

I reduced costs by instituting an in-house system of capturing media hits instead of paying a vendor. This allows me to get high-quality HD footage for no extra cost. 


Shot on 5dMkII, 50mm f/1.4, 17-40mm f/5.6, 70-200mm f/2.8, Litepanel 1x1 floods
Additional equipment: Sanken/Sennheiser lavs, LowelPro softboxes, Sachtler tripods


FreedomWorks activists petition the RNC

Deneen Borelli profile Intro

Matt Kibbe on the IRS Scandal

IRS Target: Diane

Multi-camera interview

FreedomWorks Youth Summit


Edited on Final Cut Pro X, Graphics and animation on Adobe Creative Suite 6 & ScreenFlow

FWFA Phone Banking tutorial

International Freedom Tutorial

FreedomWorks launches the New Fair Deal

Chroma keyed live-action footage and animated infographics